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Mini dental implant advantages and related myths

Waiting to replace your lost teeth but want to find a better option other than the conventional restorations? Well, the answer to your problem is Mini dental implant.

What is a mini dental implant?

A mini dental implant is an alternative to the conventional implant. Unlike conventional dental implant, a mini dental implant is used in the cases where a smaller implant is required. But, mini dental implant possesses the same structure as the traditional implant.

How is mini dental implant different from conventional dental implant?

A mini dental implant is the smaller version of the conventional dental implant and is less invasive.

The size is about 1.8 to 3.3 mm in diameter and 10 to 15 mm in length which is nearly half in size of the conventional implant.

They do not go much deep into the jaw.

Advantages of mini dental implant

A mini dental implant is an excellent option for those who do not want to go in for the conventional procedure. But sometimes, there arises a confusing situation as to which option is better between the two and in which treatment would suit the situation. To find a solution to this problem, we must know about the pros and cons of mini dental implants.

Less invasive procedure

Mini dental implant procedure is less invasive and does not require surgery. Ultimately, it takes less time to heal and thus a beautiful smile to the patient.

No need for bone grafts

There is no need for bone grafts which is a costly surgical procedure and also complicated. Mini dental implant requires no bone grafting which makes it a simple procedure. That is why, in most of the cases, it becomes the first choice by the dentists.

More comfortable

There is less discomfort to bones and tissue using a mini dental procedure. So, the procedure needs pain medication for a day or two.


In most of the cases, the procedure is completed in one visit and allows the patient to get back to the daily routine on the same day without any complications.

No shrunken look

Mini dental implant prevents facial collapse which happens in the case of bone loss. It raises the satisfaction level of the patients and gives them a bright and beautiful smile.


This procedure is less costly, and so it becomes affordable for patients to undergo this treatment. Also, there are not many visits, so it also saves the time of the doctor as well as the patient.

Easier cleaning

It is easy to clean the teeth without any problem. Standard methods of cleaning the mouth and teeth are sufficient.

There are some myths about the Mini Dental Implant

Some statements which are not right sometimes make the patients doubtful about the success of this procedure. But these are not true:

The procedure is painful

People believe that the procedure is painful. But the truth is that the procedure is completed with a mild anesthetic and also takes less time to recover.

Mini dental implants are short- term solutions

Generally, it is assumed that it is just a temporary solution to the dental problem. But the truth is that this treatment gives a long- term solution to the problem if it is performed correctly and all the instructions are followed religiously.

The procedure is expensive

Mostly, it is believed that it is a very costly procedure. But the truth is that the procedure is cost-effective and also affordable than many other dental procedures. So this myth is discarded on the basis of the affordability of this procedure.

Longer recovery time

Recovery time is assumed to be higher as compared to other procedures. But the truth is that it takes less time for the patient to recover and one quickly jump back to the normal routine without much delay. A mini dental implant works differently from the conventional procedure and thus take less time for the patient to get back to normal life.

One cannot receive mini dental implant if he cannot undergo standard or conventional dental implant

It is said that one who is recommended not to go for conventional dental implant cannot go for the mini dental implant. But the truth is that mini dental implant is highly recommended in those cases where a normal implant is not suitable, and excellent results can be seen out of this procedure.

So why choose mini dental implant?

Here are the reasons why one should go for mini dental implant:

  • Less expensive
  • Less invasive
  • Less healing time
  • Minimal pain after surgery
  • Less bleeding
  • Quicker results
  • Less number of visits

We, at Signature Smiles Family Dentistry, provide the most efficient mini dental implants to preserve your beautiful smile and give you the gift of a healthy mouth. Expertise is the main highlight of our dentistry services which is the reason behind the satisfaction of our patients.