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Fixed Bridges and Crowns in Manchester, Connecticut

What Is a Fixed Bridge?

A fixed dental bridge is a nonremovable appliance used to replace a section of missing or nonviable teeth. In most cases, the ends of a bridge are affixed to two crowns that are placed over anchoring teeth, allowing the artificial teeth to fill the gaps created by one or more missing teeth.

In addition to repairing tooth structures, bridges are excellent for those wishing to improve the appearance of their smiles. Porcelain bridges, which are some of the most common, can be shaped to replicate the original teeth but with improved shape and color.

The Versatility of Crowns

A crown, also known as a cap, is used to replace a missing or damaged tooth. A crown corrects the shape and size of the tooth, restoring its normal function and appearance. Installing a crown serves a number of purposes — crowns form the basis for many reconstructive dental techniques.

For example, a crown can be used to correct a cavity that is too large for a filling, replace a cracked, weakened or worn down tooth, or cover a discolored or badly shaped tooth. Crowns can serve as anchor points for bridges and can also be used as protective measures for teeth at risk for damage.

Crowns can be made from several types of materials. Metal alloys, porcelain, ceramics or composite resin are the most commonly used, depending on its intended function and placement in the mouth.

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